Starting in 2017, graduate students from across Canada will be able to apply for a new opportunity available through the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Foundation, consisting of a 12-week internship at MORR Transportation Consulting. This work internship, which is an innovative way of training and mentoring future transportation leaders, shows MORR’s commitment to supporting future transportation professionals through mentorship and training.

The successful applicants will be exposed to real-world problems and will be able to work and learn directly under the supervision of leaders in the transportation engineering field at MORR.

Two of the unique aspects of this initiative are:

  1. This internship is open not only to students with a Civil Engineering background, but also to students with a Computer Engineering and Computer Science background, who may be interested in pursuing a career in transportation.
  2. This is the first TAC Foundation initiative that will provide preference to female applicants who meet the criteria of this award. MORR is a strong supporter of women in transportation engineering and this is a special effort to continue to grow the number of future female leaders in transportation.

MORR is proud to support this unique and innovative initiative through the TAC Foundation. For more information visit