Traffic Engineering Studies

    Traffic Engineering Studies

    Traffic Engineering allows for the safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly movement of people and goods. We work with the private sector and public agencies to deliver solutions through a variety of traffic engineering studies, that will ensure a successful planning process. Our advanced data analytics capabilities and leading-edge technical expertise, coupled with our advanced knowledge and expertise in traffic engineering, are applied to ensure a high-quality product that meets all of our client’s needs.

    Our Work Includes

    • Traffic impact studies.
    • Parking studies.
    • Development site reviews.
    • Speed limit reviews.
    • Traffic calming assessments.
    • Pedestrian and cyclist studies.
    • Signing and marking plans.
    • Travel time and delay studies.
    • Conflict and compliance studies for all types of road users.
    • Congestion at railway grade crossings studies.

    Sample Projects

    • East Brandon Industrial Area Traffic Impact Analysis.
    • Travel Time on Waverley Street due to Railway Crossing Blockages.
    • West Exchange Parking Demand and Market Feasibility Study for Parking Facility (in progress).
    • Analysis of Dangerous Goods Movements at the Emerson-Pembina Border Crossing.
    • Wheat City Parking Study.