Learning Solutions

    Learning Solutions

    Maintaining currency in knowledge has become an essential component of doing business in transportation engineering and planning.  We have extensive expertise in designing, developing, and delivering professional development material on a variety of transportation-related subjects. Our team of experts includes current and former academics who have empowered professionals with the necessary training to build on their skills for better transportation system delivery.

    Our learning solutions include the following topics:

    • Pedestrian and cyclist accommodation in planning and design.
    • Traffic and travel monitoring.
    • Application of advanced technologies in transportation.
    • Intermodal freight transportation.
    • Truck operations, policy and regulations.
    • Railway engineering.
    • Road safety.
    • Asset management.

    Sample Projects

    • City of Ottawa Development and Delivery of Road Safety Training
    • Commercial Vehicle Operations and Infrastructure Utilization
    • Planning and Designing for Pedestrian Accommodation in Urban and Rural Infrastructure
    • Planning and Designing for Vulnerable Road Users
    • Regulatory and Road Safety Assessment of Digital and Projected Advertising Displays
    • Transportation Association of Canada Bicycle Safety Webinar
    • Transportation Association of Canada Road Safety Training