Traffic and Travel Monitoring

    Traffic and Travel Monitoring

    Traffic and travel monitoring programs estimate road user volumes, travel times, routing, and other parameters to ensure the efficient flow of goods and people in a transportation network. We work with public agencies to design, develop, and implement traffic and travel monitoring programs for passenger vehicles, trucks, pedestrians, and cyclists.

    Our advanced data analytics capabilities and leading-edge technical expertise are applied to all types of projects involving the safe and efficient flow of people and goods.

    Our Work Includes

    • Design, development, implementation, and evaluation of traffic counting programs.
    • Data collection, analysis, quality control protocols, and management of large databases.
    • Travel time data collection and analysis using intelligent transportation systems.
    • Design and development of online traffic and travel data sharing tools.
    • Evaluation of data collection technologies and products for improved system performance.
    • Traffic engineering studies including traffic impact studies.

    Sample Projects

    • Alberta Transportation Weigh in Motion Statistics 2014-2019
    • City of Winnipeg Continuous Traffic Count Program Implementation
    • Development of a Traffic Count Strategy for Vancouver
    • Design of Architecture for a Consolidated Traffic Count System in Vancouver
    • Emerson Port of Entry FAST 1st  Model: Traffic Streaming Technology Solution
    • TransLink Traffic Monitoring Program Strategy
    • Traffic Monitoring Practices Guide for Canadian Provinces and Municipalities