Active Transportation

    Active Transportation

    Active transportation can help reduce automobile dependence, increase physical activity levels, improve public health, reduce infrastructure demands, and create more vibrant and livable communities.

    We have extensive expertise in the planning and evaluation of infrastructure for the safe and equitable accommodation of pedestrians and cyclists.

    Our Work Includes

    • Development of strategic plans.
    • Analysis of pedestrian crossing control needs.
    • Development of School School Travel Plans.
    • Road safety audits of cycling and walking facilities.
    • Evaluation of technologies for improving accessibility.
    • Temporary traffic control analysis for active transportation users.
    • Development of guidelines for improved active transportation.

    Sample Projects

    • East Fort Garry Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies.
    • Pedestrian Safety at Railway Crossings in Winnipeg.
    • Oakville Pedestrian Safety Plan.
    • Winnipeg Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies – Recipient of the 2016 Canadian Institute of Planners Award for Planning Excellence (Sustainable Mobility, Transportation and Infrastructure Category)
    • Transportation Association of Canada Pedestrian Crossing Control Guide – Recipient of the 2015 Stan Teply Award by the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers for Technical Excellence.
    • Development of a Pedestrian Counting Strategy for Downtown Winnipeg.
    • School Travel Plan for Ile des Chenes, Manitoba.
    • School Travel Plan for Municipality of Ritchot.