Road Safety

    Road Safety

    Motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of death and disability locally, nationally and internationally. Our long history of working in the road safety field, coupled with our innovation and evidence-based research, provide leading-edge knowledge and expertise to our clients for safety performance evaluation in urban and rural areas. Our work comprises four of the five pillars of the United Nations Decade of Action Initiatives: Road safety management, safer roads and mobility, safer road users, and post-collision response.

    Our Work Includes

    • Development of Vision Zero road safety plans.
    • Road-railway grade crossing safety assessments.
    • Road safety reviews of existing facilities.
    • Road safety audits at various design stages.
    • Development of road safety management guidelines.
    • Performance evaluation of safety investments.
    • Road user behavioural studies for road safety improvement.
    • Truck safety.

    Sample Projects

    • City of Saskatoon Railway Grade Crossing Assessment.
    • Road Safety Audit of Arundal Street Ped/Bike Corridor.
    • St. Albert Trail and Boudreau/Giroux Road Corridor Safety Review.
    • Prioritization of Rail Crossing Assessments for the City of Winnipeg.
    • Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) Safety Performance in Alberta.
    • Transportation Association of Canada Work Zone Safety Guidelines.
    • Large Truck Collision Causation Study for Ontario.