Intelligent Transportation Systems

    The rapid evolution of ITS is transforming the way road systems are managed, operated, and maintained. We have taken a multi-disciplinary approach to ITS by blending our team of transportation engineers with computer engineers and scientists, and electrical engineers.
    Our approach allows us to mold existing technologies to the needs of the transportation field.

    Our Work Includes

    • Planning for the deployment of traffic and travel monitoring technologies.
    • Design of road performance monitoring systems.
    • Design of custom sensors.
    • Research and evaluation of emerging technologies.

    Sample Projects

    • Design, development, and deployment of the FAST operations and performance monitoring system for the Canadian Border Services (CBSA) at the Emerson port of entry.
    • Design, development, and deployment of a traveller information system using variable message signs for blocked rail crossings in The City of Winnipeg.
    • Development and testing of a DSRC application for Canada’s National Research Council.