On April 27, 2017, during Railway Safety Week, the federal government announced the successful applicants under their Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP). MORR Transportation Consulting was selected as one of the successful applicants to receive funding under this program. Our work will focus of the development of a low-cost warning system (LCWS) for railway crossing safety in Canada.

Current railway crossing warning systems are either passive (e.g., cross-bucks) or active (e.g., flashing lights, bells, gates). Passive systems are inexpensive, do not detect trains, and do not actively warn road users about approaching/crossing trains. Active systems are relatively expensive and typically rely on track circuits to detect trains and activate the warning system. MORR’s work will investigate alternative train detection technologies that can help reduce the cost of active warning systems and facilitate/accelerate the conversion of passive systems to active. This work, which will span a period of approximately two years, and will be designed to be compatible with connected and automated vehicles, will focus on the following:

  • Train detection – includes technologies to detect trains and crossing blockages.
  • Warning – includes technologies to communicate crossing blockages to the driver and/or vehicle.
  • Communication – includes technologies to communicate between other sub-systems and to a central system monitoring location.
  • Power – includes technologies to supply power to the LCWS and sub-systems

For more information email us at: contact@morrconsulting.com