The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) recently announced that the consulting consortium led by CIMA+ was selected as the team to carry out the update to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC).

The MUTCDC is a flagship document for the Transportation Association of Canada and one of the most important documents for Canadian traffic engineering practitioners. It is the primary platform for providing Canadian traffic engineers with information on the choice of appropriate type and usage of traffic control devices for a wide range of situations. The Manual acts to provide a high degree of consistency within and among jurisdictions, contributing to optimizing road user safety.

The last complete rewrite of the MUTCDC was done in 1998, and an interim fifth edition was released in 2014. The purpose of this major project, which is scheduled to conclude in 2020, is to prepare the sixth edition of the Manual.  In addition to refreshing the entire MUTCDC to ensure consistency in content, writing style and format, the project will involve specific updates for various sections of the Manual.

MORR Transportation Consulting is proud to join CIMA+ and other industry leaders on this major undertaking.