One of our Founding Partners has been invited to present at the next Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Conference on the newly approved Traffic Monitoring Practices Guide for Canadian Provinces. The Guide, which is the first-ever on this topic in Canada, was recently approved by the Transportation Association of Canada’s (TAC) Chief Engineers Council in Toronto.

MORR Transportation Consulting was commissioned by TAC in 2013 to develop the Traffic Monitoring Practices Guide for Canadian Provinces with the goal of promoting uniformity in the approach and techniques used to deliver traffic monitoring programs in Canada, and to improve the quality of the traffic data provided by these programs. This is the first national-level guidance on the planning, design, and implementation of traffic monitoring programs for Canadian provinces and municipalities.

Project funding partners were: Ontario Ministry of Transportation; Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports du Québec; Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation; Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure; City of Montréal; City of Vancouver; Translink; Alberta Transportation; British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure; Transport Canada; Halifax Regional Municipality; City of Toronto; Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

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