Markets Served

    We help clients engineer informed decisions in government and private industry. A critical component of our success is the strategic partnerships and associations with other industry leaders nationally and internationally. We have strong relationships with private organizations from across Canada, U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Australia. This puts us at the leading edge of technological and technical developments in transportation engineering.

    Our clients include:

    Federal, provincial, and municipal governments

    We have assisted several agencies in the enhanced provision of transportation services to their users. Some of our clients include Transport Canada, Alberta Transportation, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, Yukon Highways and Public Works, Region of Peel, City of Vancouver, City of Edmonton, City of Winnipeg, and the Seattle Department of Transportation.

    National associations

    MORR Transportation is a leader in the development of guidelines for improved transportation engineering and planning. The Transportation Association of Canada has turned to MORR for the development of the following key national guides:

    • Pedestrian Crossing Control Guide.
    • Work Zone Safety Guide.
    • Traffic Monitoring Guide.
    • Digital and Projected Advertising Displays Guide.

    Private industry

    Our services are sought after by private industry nationally and internationally. We bring innovation and advanced knowledge on various issues that can help advance productivity and efficiency. Some of our clients include Advanced Rail Management and various real estate developers.